Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use WP Video Robot on more than one website?

For each website new regular license should be bought.
Read more about regular license on CodeCanyon.

Does “Extended license” allow unlimited usage?

No, it’s still for one single end product. Please refer to Envato licensing FAQ.

Can I use WP Video Robot in my product for resale (theme, CMS, web app …)?

You can contact us with detailed explanations of your project and where you want to use WP Video Robot.
If we agree with the way the product will be redistributed and how it looks like – we will provide written permission.

WP Video Robot is not installing

Make sure that you unzipped archive you downloaded from CodeCanyon. You’ll find inside it a complete documentation with detailed installation instructions.

Will WP Video Robot slow down my website?

Absolutely not, WP Video Robot works only once an hour (on working hours). It is built to handle hundreds of sources with importing thousands of videos without altering your site performances.

Will WP Video Robot work with my theme?

WP Video Robot is built in best practises of WordPress plugins and works with absolutely any theme. Depending on your theme, you will need, in some cases, to make minor editions on your theme file.

Check out our demos sections to see how does it look on front end with 6 different WP free and premium themes.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No, you can get all updates of WP Video Robot completely for free.

Where can I find all WP Video Robot features?

You can find all the plugin features on the Official Features Page.

Where can I find my Purchase Code?

There is a detailed tutorial on how to find your Envato purchase Code right here.

Why and when do i need my Envato Purchase Code ?

You need your Envato Purchase Code to activate your copy of the plugin and to get free updates automatically. It also allows you to register on the support site to get free support.

What after sale support do you offer?

WP Video Robot comes with extensive documentation to help you get started. In case you have some questions do not hesitate to visit our Help Center, where you can create a support ticket. Our support team will then get back to you shortly.

Where can I get after sale support?

To get after sale support, you can visit our Help Center.


Is there a way to test WP Video Robot before I make a purchase?

Yes, you can try the WP Video Robot on our Live Demo site. You can also check out how the front end looks like on different popular WP video themes on Integration Demos.

I am developer. Where can I get information about advanced things?

It is so great to see you are interested! Everything that is related to the WP Video Robot  is placed under dedicated category in the our Help Center Tutorials.

Is WP Video Robot multisite compatible?

Yes, WP Video Robot supports WordPress multisite. You just have to install WP Video Robot on a multisite WP installation, and then activate it on the network. Each site will then have a standalone instance of the plugin with its own sources and videos.

Can i import videos from other video services ?

For now, the only supported video services are Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TED, Youku and Facebook Videos.
If you want to use some other video service, please make sure it offers a documented API service and then contact us.

How to display an imported in posts or pages?

If you want to implement an imported or manually added video on a post or a page, simply include the shortcode :

  [wpvr id=7767]

Where 7767 is the local post ID of your imported video. You can get this on Edit Video Screen or Videos List Screen.

What credentials do i need to use the plugin ?

The plugin needs to connect to the video services APIs. For that you have two choices :

– For novice users, there is an API Wizard that permits you to grant access once and manually to each video service.

– For advanced users, you can grab your API Credentials and enter them in the options secreen.

How Do I Update from a Previous Version to 1.5+ ?

You can either update the plugin using the WordPress Plugin Update screen or replace the old plugin folder with the new one. In both cases, the plugin will notice you that sources and videos from previous versions have been found. Then it will ask you to adapt them to the new version.

I get a 404 error when trying to view an imported video

You can fix that simply by setting your WordPress permalink structure to ‘Post Name’ . To do that, head to WordPress Settings > Permalink,
pick Post Name among the available structures and hit Save Changes.

I get Fatal error: Class ‘DateInterval’ not found

You are getting this error because your version of PHP is too old. You need to upgrade PHP to version 5.5 at least in order to use WP Video Robot.

Is WP Video Robot compatible with bbPress and buddyPress ?

Yes! WP Video Robot is working well with latest versions of buddyPress and bbPressPlugin.

Is WP Video Robot compatible with Woocommerce ?

Yes, the plugin has been adapted to support and work perfectly with WooCommerce plugin (3.2.1).

Is WP Video Robot compatible with Visual Composer ?

Yes. If you want to use Visual Composer plugin to show up your imported videos, you just need to specify the wpvr_video post type on the Visual Composer element settings screen.

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